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Chambers Bay Baking Co. believes your baking products should be high quality and of a sophisticated style. By us delivering on our mission, we believe you can better focus on the LOVE of baking and sharing your LOVE of baking with others.

The vision for the Chambers Bay Baking Co. came when the owners saw a sea of mediocrity in the silicone baking cup world. At that time, the cupcake and muffin liners available on the market lacked style and quality, and this brand entered the market to enhance the community standard! Bakers of all kinds can expect this brand to continue to deliver quality and style in each new product- great options for gift giving and essential for any baker's kitchen.

Chambers Bay Baking Co. is upgrading the market standard of baking products. The silicone line of cupcake and muffin liners [The Baker's Dozen] are quickly becoming the baking cup of choice for the sophisticated baker. Much more ahead for this brand!

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